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Blue Print Filing Systems 

Blueprint Filing

Jalema introduces the latest addition to its hanging file system product line which addresses blueprint, drawings, plans and map storage issues. Jalema uses the unique single point suspension (hook-and-bar) system to allow architects, engineers and designers to efficiently manage and store job material. Files are "locked" into place and hang uniformly to create an organized and attractive looking filing system.

High-density floor racks, wall racks and mobile carts allow you to manage and protect active and archived jobs efficiently. Custom cut bars with special adapters allow you to retrofit bars into existing cabinets, 4-post shelving and other structures. Color coded tabs and index flags allow you to find jobs quickly and easily.

By utilizing vertical space, Jalema allows you file most jobs 2-high which can TRIPLE YOUR CAPACITY WHEN COMPARED TO FLAT FILE CABINETS! Making this the best blueprint storage system available.