Hanging clamp with wall unit

Hanging Clamps

For Your Active Blueprints

Hanging clamp

Blueprint filing is quick and easy with Jalema hanging clamps. Jalema hanging aluminum clamps are used for managing active blueprints or where constant modifications or copies are being made to the set of plans.

Up to 100 paper sheets can be attached to a 24", 30" or 36" hanging clamp and then hung on wall racks, table arms and mobile carts in office areas and job sites. 24" clamps will hold 17"-24" sheets, 30" clamps will hold 24"-30" sheets and 36" clamps will hold 30"-36" sheets. This blueprint storage method is one of the most efficient methods for managing groups of active drawings and is more efficient than a flat file cabinet.

Product #        Description                             Packaging     Price

                           Individual Components

5634400                  Blueprint Hanging Clamp 24"            Box of 10            $200
5634500                  Blueprint Hanging Clamp 30"            Box of 10            $230
5634600                  Blueprint Hanging Clamp 36"            Box of 10            $260

5812500                  Jalema Wall Unit 8"                           Each                   $  50                             
                                  Starter Kits
5634408                  10 clamps(24") and 8" wall unit           Each                 $250
5634508                  10 clamps(30") and 8" wall unit           Each                 $280
5634608                  10 clamps(36") and 8" wall unit           Each                 $310