Product          Description                                    Packaging      Price

2117E                  Stor-A-Job Large Envelopes 21" x 17"       Box of 50             $140
2520E                  Stor-A-Job Large Envelopes 25" x 20"       Box of 50             $145
2921E                  Stor-A-Job Large Envelopes 29" x 21"       
Box of 50             $110
3025E                  Stor-A-Job Large Envelopes 30" x 25"       Box of  50            $175     
3624E                  Stor-A-Job Large Envelopes 36" x 24"       
Box of 50             $150
4030E                  Stor-A-Job Large Envelopes 40" x 30"       Box of 50             Call

NOTE: Outer dimensions are listed above. Inner/capacity dimensions are 1/2" less on all sides.

Stor-A-Job Kraft Envelopes protects valuable large material and can be used to separate jobs inside flat files. These large oversized envelopes are an economical way to file film and other large material. These large envelopes are made of strong 40 lb. Kraft material. Labels included. Available in sizes up to 49"x37". (First dimension is open side.)

Jumbo Kraft Envelopes